Il n’y a pas qu’aux États-Unis que la police est un sujet de controverses. En France aussi, une partie de la population se méfie des forces de l’ordre. Elles sont régulièrement accusées d’être trop violentes et racistes. Alors pour restaurer la confiance, le gouvernement lance une grande concertation avec la profession. Avec l’objectif, à terme, de réformer la police.

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Reforming the French police: An impossible task?

The French public’s historically strained rapport with law enforcement has reached an all-time low in recent months. This comes after a spate of serious incidents of police brutality and racism, some of which were caught on camera. Simultaneously, the French opposition, media, human rights groups and even the UN cried foul over the government’s botched attempt to pass a new law that would have censored video footage of police forces. It’s all a far cry from the outpouring of solidarity and gratitude towards the police that France witnessed back in 2015. We take a closer look.

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