by Renée ZAUBERMAN, Philippe ROBERT, Sophie NÉVANEN, Lisa MICELI -june 2010


This issue pursues the presentation of the CESDIP’s studies on crime trends, in the wake of a first issue on homicide (September 2008) and another on non-lethal personal violence (December 2008). The present paper, dealing with personal thefts, is based on research conducted by Renée ZAUBERMAN, Philippe ROBERT, Sophie NÉVANEN and Lisa MICELI and funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche.


Measuring crime trends can draw upon several data sources. Victimisation surveys, questioning population samples on offences to which they had been prey over a given period, were invented because a number of offences are not found in police and gendarmerie activity statistics. The present study of personal thefts is based on a comparison of these two sources.

While the information available for personal thefts in general is homogeneous, specific data on robberies are more fragmentary.


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